Cutting-edge tech to include in your 2019 IT budget

Cutting-edge tech to include in your 2019 IT budget

The recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showed off some of the most exciting technology being developed today. Although business leaders probably aren't too concerned about foldable phones, rollable televisions or indestructible pantyhose, they should take a cue from CES and look toward the future of technology. 

There are a number of cutting-edge tech solutions that will either be released in earnest or come into their own over the course of the next 12 months. While 2019 IT budgets may be finalized, you may want to clear some space to start investing in this emerging technology:

Artificial intelligence

Proponents of artificial intelligence have been burnishing its reputation for a while now, highlighting its numerous applications in various industries, including health care, financial services and advertising. Customers already interact with AI-based chatbots whether they realize it or not. Meanwhile, researchers have had great success deploying AI software to quickly and accurately diagnose potentially fatal ailments in patients.

Look for AI to take the next big leap in 2019, becoming a steady presence in the business community. For instance, The Innovation Enterprise expects more companies to use AI solutions to identify and correct unnecessary expenditures, streamline their operations and even replace certain roles within their organizations.

The zero trust security model is picking up steam in the business world.The zero trust security model is picking up steam in the business world.

Zero trust security model

Cybersecurity has historically been defined by perimeter defenses - think antivirus software, firewalls and whitelisting. In recent years, strategies have shifted to focus more on internal monitoring to spot suspicious activity and catch malicious actors who have slipped into the network undetected.

"The zero trust model is the next big thing in cybersecurity."

Many experts in this field believe the zero trust model is the next big thing in cybersecurity (Forrester Research, in particular, has been a big proponent of this approach). Zero trust is essentially a natural extension of the mindset that led us to the proliferation of SIEM solutions. In short: Our internal business systems, networks and IT environments are not nearly as secure as we think they are.

As its name suggests, the zero trust model values scrutiny above all other factors. No one is allowed access to the network or system without first confirming their authorization. Given the radical shift in cybersecurity and access control measures that zero trust entails, transitioning to this strategy will not happen overnight. But with security threats mounting, data breach costs spiraling out of control and new regulations promising to bring the hammer down on violators, now is a good time to start thinking about the future.

That's just the tip of the iceberg; there are many more cutting-edge technologies to keep an eye on in 2019: the Internet of Things, advanced analytics, digital transformation, etc. Technology evolves quickly, maybe more so now than ever before. You can't wait it out and see what gains traction or you'll risk falling behind the competition.

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