About Us

We make sure technology works for you

Business IT is like a car: it makes new things possible for you and takes you where you need to go, but without the right person taking care of it, you’re stuck tearing your hair out on the side of the road. Outdated, slow, malfunctioning, and ill-fitting technology cause disruptions to your staff’s productivity and hampers profits. Furthermore, the longer you tolerate inadequate IT support, the greater the risk of something truly devastating occurring, like a data breach or compliance infraction.

TEKConn has the expertise and experience to address all your IT problems so you can get back to the real work. Fast and responsive IT support is great for preventing technology issues, but that’s just the start of our services. We’ll optimize your entire IT infrastructure and change it from a necessary evil to an invaluable tool for business growth. Let TEKConn get you out of that rusty bucket of bolts and into a supercharged machine with real tech muscle.


“Before partnering with TEKConn, we were impeded by constant computer issues and waited for hours for a response from our prior IT company. This was inhibiting my practice and ability to see patients, and we lacked a strategic plan on how to improve the situation. TEKConn came in and assessed our situation, provided a well thought out plan to remediate the issues they identified, and implemented new technologies to keep my staff productive and happy.“

Dr. Chan

  • Clutch 2019
  • MSP Mentor 2019
  • MSPmentor 200
  • 5000 Inc
  • NYEC
  • UpCity Marketplace
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