Professional Services

Improve operational efficiency to achieve business goals

The professional services industry is a broad category, but all businesses that belong to this sector share one trait — you rely heavily on technology to achieve business goals. Also, 90% of organizations have fewer than 10 employees, making the task of assigning IT-related roles difficult. So how do you find technical expertise without having to hire more people?

TEKConn is the answer. Outsourcing your technology to us means that your staff can do what they do best while leaving your IT to us. We understand that budgeting for IT is not your top priority, so for a flat monthly fee, our managed IT services give you all the solutions and support you need to improve workflow and increase your team’s productivity.

Benefits of partnering with TEKConn include:

  • Robust managed security and patch installation to protect your business and keep you up to date
  • Modern hardware and updated software, thanks to cloud services
  • Regulatory compliance to avoid hefty fines and loss of client confidence
  • Online payment tools based on the unique needs of your business
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