Healthcare Provider

Provide the best patient care while we focus on your IT

Taking care of your patients means you look after their health, and their confidential records too. But as a provider, how do you juggle record-keeping, patient care, technology management, and data security at the same time? Are you confident that your practice can pass the next HIPAA audit? If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, TEKConn is here to help.

When you partner with us, we'll provide solutions that help you become more productive and focused on your patients. Our team of certified experts will keep your ePHI secure so you're HIPAA compliant. We’ll remove the burden of documentation with automated, virtualized solutions. And we’ll work closely with you to discuss and deploy solutions that best suit your unique needs.

Benefits of partnering with TEKConn include:

  • Maintaining HIPAA compliance to avoid hefty fines and loss of client confidence
  • Easy, secure access to client records with virtualization or the cloud
  • Strategic planning ensures you have the best solutions and applications
  • Data backup and recovery to keep your practice running after data loss
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