How managed services boost SMB performance

How managed services boost SMB performance

Efficiently running a small or medium-sized business isn't easy. Budgeting constraints, logistical challenges and labor costs create a perfect storm of obstacles that can be difficult to overcome.

According to a 2018 Techaisle analysis of SMB trends across the globe, budget constraints came in as the No. 1 IT challenge facing SMBs. In a similar vein, reducing operational costs ranked as the top business-related challenge for smaller organizations.

Despite the inherent financial limitations that small and medium-sized businesses must work under, there is a path to IT and operational excellence: managed services.

When judiciously leveraged and deployed in the right manner, managed services can significantly boost SMB performance in various aspects. Here's how:

"Downtime is a business killer."

Maximize your uptime, productivity

There's no two ways about it: Downtime is a business killer.

A 2016 Information Technology Intelligence Consulting study revealed that for 98 percent of organizations out there, a single hour of downtime will cost them more than $100,000. The inclusion of enterprises in that survey may skew the numbers a bit, but the high costs of even momentary downtime are undeniable.

Some of those costs come from lost sales opportunities and customer churn, but downtime can impact businesses in less overt ways. When systems go offline, your employees are unable to carry out their core job functions, resulting in dramatically lowered productivity.

That fallout may not be immediately reflected in sales figures — but it will hurt your bottom line over time. Managed services remove much of the risk associated with downtime because your critical business applications, platforms and systems are hosted off-site.

With managed services, SMBs are less exposed to localized incidents that could disrupt network or IT performance. Moreover, with built-in resiliency and redundancy, the best IT managed services providers can seamlessly rollover to another site in the event that their primary facility experiences a problem.

Increased uptime and network performance directly leads to better employee productivity.Increased uptime and network performance directly leads to better employee productivity.

Outsource your IT support needs

Many SMBs hold off on implementing new technologies that could build out their operational capabilities due to staffing concerns. Hiring in-house IT teams to manage internal architecture is an expensive endeavor, but managed services can offer the same level of expertise at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you're interested in deploying a mobile-focused program or burnishing your cybersecurity defenses, managed services shoulder the day-to-day task of maintaining complex IT processes, workflows and architectures - even during off hours. SMBs can employ advanced technologies and IT solutions without coping with all the logistical challenges that come with them.

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