Don’t fall for it! Tax Phishing Scams [What Every Business Owner / Executive Needs to Know!]

Don’t fall for it! Tax Phishing Scams [What Every Business Owner / Executive Needs to Know!]


As the saying goes…in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes. Although it originated more than 200 years ago, this notion still stands true today, but now holds even more of a burden and complexity to it thanks to hackers and their ever-present quest to steal your identity.

As the 2021 Tax season arrived, so did the scams both new and recycled. The IRS has warned that the 2021 tax scams are 'very active and very creative'. Tax scams happen year-round, but they tend to increase in volume and intensity during tax season. With 1 in 8 users falling for Phishing scams, and over 85% of companies falling victim to Phishing related attacks in 2020, Tax Phishing E-mail Scams are the new certainty.

Cybercriminals will never run out of crafty schemes and ingenious ways to siphon a buck from any victim they can reel in and these clever thieves know that specifically target business owners and executives can net them the biggest benefits with their access to bank account information and highly sensitive employee data.

Staying vigilant looking out for these scams means being skeptical of any E-mails appearing to come from state or federal tax agencies, or accounting software vendors asking you to take urgent action or asking you to provide password, bank account, or employee W2 information.

Make sure to check the sender address carefully to spot suspicious and fraudulent accounts, and refrain from clicking on links or attachments in any suspicious E-Mails.

On April 15th AT 11:30 am EST we will be hosting a 30-minute Cybersecurity webinar focused on how to identify and prevent you and your firm from falling victim to a Tax Related Phishing Scam.

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