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Controlling costs, within a predictable budget, is an important responsibility for any executive. Smart business leaders look to manage their operational overhead in a manner that maximizes productivity but limits expenses. IT is typically one of the major areas of focus, considering the significant investment required to operate a fully functioning IT support structure.
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    To determine the right IT support solution relative to budgetary considerations, business executives must account for hard dollar costs, things such as hardware and software purchase and labor to support the staff. But they must also calculate the soft dollar costs, things such as the loss of productivity associated with system downtime or a competitive disadvantage associated with improper strategic planning and vision.

    It can be a challenging responsibility to manage, especially for small businesses that cannot afford to make budget mistakes. That is why businesses in need of a cost-effective solution turn to TEKConn. We aim to provide companies of all sizes with predictable, enterprise-level IT support, giving them access to world-class technicians and leading customer support.

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    Work with TEKConn for small business server hosting and managed network support

    At TEKConn, we understand that the server room is the nerve center of a business, and that the security and regular upkeep of this infrastructure is vital to the ongoing stability of a company's network. Whether businesses employ an internal IT team or elect to outsource their support completely, TEKConn can step in to provide customized maintenance programs and server hosting.

    Our offering includes proactive maintenance, round-the-clock system administration, and server monitoring and support - 24 hours per day, seven days a week. TEKConn's server support is supplemented by our managed network services, which seek to ensure our clients' network infrastructure is constructed to deal with current and future demand without issue.

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    Maximize productivity and satisfaction with TEKConn's outsourced IT support

    Most IT service providers offer monitoring and support for all of a business' hardware and network needs. At TEKConn, our comprehensive service programs extend to PC / Mac support, mobile devices, wireless connectivity, or any IT component associated with a business' ability to be productive. We ensure that our clients enjoy maximum computing uptime.

    As an example, we take a proactive approach to security, equipping our clients with industry-leading virus, spyware and spam protection, along with a strict patch management regimen for their servers and PCs. Our technicians are also available for live support, which provides a vital lifeline when clients find themselves in need.

    TEKConn's IT support services are available to businesses that require full IT support or those that need a cost-effective way to complement their internal IT team. In today's ever-changing technology climate, many businesses find it difficult to recruit seasoned and skilled full-time IT specialists. Other companies are challenged financially to find room in the budget for these professionals.

    TEKConn can be an ideal solution to serve these gaps. With our systems management tools, customer focused staff, services processes, and emphasis on efficiencies, our ultimate goal is to ensure that your company is able to maximize productivity.

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    TEKConn provides clients with full-service IT support

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