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Businesses looking to develop or improve upon their information technology (IT) infrastructure require expert consultation. At TEKConn, we advise clients on the best ways to design and build their data networks, unify communications across multiple platforms, and streamline company communications, all with an eye on maximizing stability and reliability.
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  • Serving the SMB marketplace, our consulting staff caters to each individual engagement; every client presents a unique technology requirement set and office culture. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, our recommendations are customized and developed based on a defined process whereby our team invests in a thorough understanding of the technology needs relative to our clients’ business goals.

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    Leverage TEKConn Consulting Services to enhance your IT infrastructure

    New and expanding businesses alike can benefit from TEKConn's approach to technology consulting. We help companies build server-based networks, establish local area networks (LAN) or wide area networks (WAN) and deploy effective wireless networks.

    In doing so, TEKConn is increasingly taking advantage of the benefits of virtualization. A 2011 study sponsored in part by Microsoft reported 82 percent of federal agencies had implemented virtualization in some way. TEKConn's virtualization expertise can help you determine the merits of virtual servers, desktops and storage networks for your business.

    TEKConn consulting also focuses on corporate communications; more specifically, email and industry collaboration tools for inter-departmental communications. Our core competencies lay in Microsoft Exchange, Terminal Services, Citrix, Sharepoint, various mobile device technologies  and healthcare EHR solutions.

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    Protect your business against risk with our risk management solutions

    When disaster strikes, business executives need to ensure they have the infrastructure in place to keep their business operational. TEKConn can aid in these efforts by providing assessments to review network security and data backup and storage solutions. From our assessments, we help develop security policies, disaster recovery and business continuity plans, and collaborate with you to ensure for regulatory compliance, where applicable.

    Depend on TEKConn for a thorough disaster recovery analysis that includes the following services:

    • Aid with intrusion detection systems (IDS) or intrusion prevention systems (IPS)
    • Anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-SPAM services
    • Consultation to review your firewall configuration
    • Development of a remote server failover solution
    • Recommendations to increase system availability
    • Web filtering consultation.

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    Develop strategic and operational plans with CIO-level services

    TEKConn understands that providing support to the network infrastructure and end users is only part of what makes for a successful IT management structure. It also requires governing principles and considerations. That is why we offer our CIO-level consultation services to executives who need to draft operational and strategic IT policies.

    Our CIO-level services include operational consulting, which covers the development of the following measures:

    • Asset management
    • IT operations policies
    • IT process evaluations
    • Staff evaluations.

    With the help of TEKConn, businesses can proactively develop these elements to help ensure a return-on-their technology investment. We also aid in strategic IT consulting, which covers the following items:

    • Capacity planning
    • Green IT strategies
    • IT budgeting
    • IT gap analysis
    • Software evaluations.

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    Benefit from the TEKConn consulting approach

    Ultimately, TEKConn understands that it takes a collaborative approach to achieve successful results. In our effort to establish ourselves as one of the best IT support companies in the New York City area, we strive to work alongside our customers to advise them on the best network systems and tools for their needs.

    Our leading IT support continues after consultation and implementation, as we offer round-the-clock network management and responsive support. That includes live helpdesk support from our Manhattan office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST. Our IT specialists and consultants also possess unique industry experience, offering dedicated support for the healthcare, finance and advertising verticals, among several others.


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