Stamford, Connecticut

When most people think of major business locations in the North East, the mind immediately goes towards Boston and New York City. However, there are other areas that are home to local and international companies that are often forgotten about. One of them is Stamford, Connecticut.

Founded in 1641 and located in the Southwest corner of the state, the city has an approximate population of 125,000 people. Within a few hours drive, an individual can make it to Massachusetts, New York or Philadelphia. That puts it in a strategic location when it comes to the Northeast corridor.

Because of this, it may surprise some to learn that Stamford has become a major business hub in the U.S. Despite having larger cities like Manhattan, Boston and Hartford a stone throw away. Many organizations have decided to call Stamford home or have opened up area branches or corporate headquarters in the city or surrounding county.

In 2013, the latest version of the Fortune 500 list placed five companies from Stamford in the one list. That includes General Electric, which is ranked in the top 10. Charter Communications, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Pitney Bowes and Frontier Communication were also named.

On top of that, several other companies from Fairfield Country, where Stamford is located, were also on the list including Xerox, EMCOR and There are several other major organizations that are headquartered out of the Stamford including World Wrestling Entertainment and USB.

The city has also seen the technology sector experience a boom in recent years.

“In just a few short years, Stamford’s tech sector has emerged as a powerful economic driver for the city,” the city’s website reads. “An integral part of this growth has been the network of web designers, software designers, engineers, graphic artists, start-up founders, and financial supporters who have created a strong cyber-community right here in Stamford.”

Because the economy of Stamford has become home to a surging technology landscape, it became the perfect place for TEKConn to open a new branch. After already proving ourselves in the fast-paced landscape of New York City, Stamford is a logical choice to branch into.

What services TEKConn is bringing to the Stamford business community

From helping new startups get rolling to providing support to established companies, TEKConn has helped a number of companies improve their technology solutions. Ultimately, we are focused on providing small business clients with the same level of enterprise IT solutions available to their larger counterparts. Being certified as a Microsoft Small Business Specialist highlights our ability to provide cost-effective solutions to organizations of all sizes.

At TEKConn, we are also able to help businesses in a number of sectors. From the highly sought after health care arena, to other marketplaces like finance, advertising, media, law, real estate and insurance, companies in any marketplace can start bringing in the latest technology.

Located on the 17th floor at 243 Tresser Boulevard, in Stamford, local small businesses in the area should connect with TEKConn today to learn how we can help incorporate our technology and enterprise to deliver the outsourced IT support and solutions that can help empower your business and lead to better success.

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