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Google Chromebook outsells Apple for the first time ever [Video]

In a surprising turn of events, the Google-designed and powered Chromebook laptop outsold the Apple for the first time ever. Chromebooks, manufactured by Dell, Lenovo and HP sold over 2 million in the most recent quarter compared to Apple’s 1.76 million, reports analyst firm IDC.

The Google laptops have quickly risen in popularity since they debuted. Part of this can be attributed to their low price, often coming it at less than $200, significantly less than their Mac equivalents. This has made them very attractive for school districts looking for a low-cost, high-powered computing system to distribute to students. 

“Cost is but one reason they are winning there,” analyst Linn Huang told CNNMoney. “Google has also done a fantastic job building out a compelling management console that makes these devices easy to deploy and manage in a school setting. I’d argue, that has been the biggest driver of their growth as opposed to the low price.”

The Chromebooks also more easily sync with Google’s proprietary cloud storage and Google Docs, making backups a synch and reducing the need to store data locally. This works in tandem with its already low price, making the hardware itself feel almost disposable and thus limiting the impact for the consumer if the Chromebook is damaged or lost. Combined with impending plans to bring Android Google Play apps to the Chromebook, Apple may want to start watching their back in the laptop market.

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