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A Quick Guide to Office 365 Business Plans [Video]

There are three Office 365 Business plans to choose from, but how will they affect your job as a system administrator? Let’s break down your options.

First, there’s the standard Office 365 Business plan. This plan integrates with Active Directory, making it easy for you to employ role-based access controls. 

Secondly, there’s Office 365 Business Premium. This option includes Exchange Online, SharePoint, and Skype for Business. Microsoft created separate admin centers for these services, so you’ll have to do some configuration on your own.

Finally, we have Office 365 Business Essentials. This choice doesn’t include the productivity apps, but it does come with all the services included in Office 365 Business Premium. This is ideal for companies that prefer to use other productivity apps, but want a reliable back end.

If you’re not sure what to choose, have a managed IT support partner audit your business operations. These assessments will tell you which business solution is right for your company. Thanks for watching!