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3 ways IT support services can improve your business’s security

3 ways IT support services can improve your business's security

You’re not being paranoid: You should be concerned about getting hacked.

According to Risk Based Security, 2016 was a rough year, as far as data breaches go. Hackers exposed more than 4.2 billion records. Six of last year’s incidents made the Top 10 List of All Time Largest Breaches.

Given that hackers are getting better at what they do, it’s not crazy to seek assistance from an IT support services company. At the very least, such businesses augment your in-house capabilities, providing you with the knowledge and staff needed to address data breaches when they occur.

Specifically, how can IT support services augment your security?

1. You have additional staff that can respond to cyberattacks

If you only have one or two people in your IT “department,” how do you expect them to effectively respond to data breaches on top of everything else they have to do?

Even if you have a well-established IT team, chances are they may struggle to mitigate breaches after they occur. A survey from Solutionary found only 23 percent of organizations are capable of effectively responding to cyber incidents.

As for the other 77 percent, most actually end up procuring IT support services after the fact. What this means is that, once a hacked business hires consultants, it has to spend time getting those consultants up to speed.

Better to hire the consultants beforehand. That way, the IT support services team already knows what kind of infrastructure you’re working with, and therefore has a better idea of what sort of vulnerabilities your business is likely to possess (FYI – no enterprise is completely bullet-proof). In addition, you have an extra set of hands that can dedicate all of its resources to responding to the incident.

2. You receive unified threat management solutions

Some, but not all, IT support services deliver unified threat management solutions, which deliver multiple security capabilities in one package. Such capabilities include anti-virus protection, web content filtering, encrypted email and SPAM filtering.

UTM not only consists of cybersecurity products, but also risk assessment services. Think about it: How often does your IT team have the time to take a step back and review the vulnerabilities across your network, servers and other IT assets?

Also, there are select IT support services which adjust security audits based on the industry in which you participate. For example, if you’re a care provider, the consultant will assess your infrastructure to ensure it satisfies HIPAA stipulations.

3. IT support services can deliver 24/7 monitoring

Establishing surveillance across your production environment, network and branches is the first step toward decreasing your cyber incident response time. The Ponemon Institute found that the average financial institution takes 98 days to discover advanced threats.

Imagine that a hacker infiltrated your business and had 98 days to roam across your infrastructure undetected. Comprehensive, 24/7 monitoring enhances your detection capabilities, allowing you to mitigate the damage after data breaches occur. If your in-house team can’t operate at this level, seek managed IT services that have the bandwidth to do so (no pun intended).