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‘Traffic study’ in Jersey can be handled with IT, not shutting down lane

IT innovations prove the traffic study can be done without closing lanes.

IT innovations prove the traffic study can be done without closing lanes.

The impact that technological innovation is having on businesses in nearly every organization is something to behold. There are very few processes in the corporate world that are not supported by some kind of IT, and the list of those that are is growing. In fact, it could be used to help add credence to a political scandal, but not in the way you may think.

One of the hottest topics around the water cooler for the last few days has been the saga of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his staff. It involves allegations of intentionally shutting down several lanes of the busy George Washington Bridge under the guise of a "traffic study" as a way to punish a rival politician.

Over the last few days, saved emails and text messages have come to light that show communication between high ranking Christie aides and Port Authority managers, making it seem like something nefarious was going on. Christie denies any connection.

An article from IT News states that there is something else to consider that adds a new wrinkle. According to Joseph Hummer, the chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Wayne State University, with the use of big data and simulation software, you do not need to physically shut down lanes to perform a traffic study. In fact, there are some solutions that can be used to project traffic patterns and changes for 30 years with enough accuracy to answer long-range planning purposes.

This is one example of how IT solutions have evolved. Businesses in the Tri-state area can partner with a New Jersey of New York IT consulting firm to start taking advantage of these solutions.