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NBC sets plan for New Jersey technology center

NBC Universal is setting up a technology center in New Jersey.

NBC Universal is setting up a technology center in New Jersey.

Whenever a business is looking to expand, location should be a major factor to which space is chosen. Recently, NBCUniversal has decided to move some of its core operations out of New York and across the river.

Earlier this month, NBCUniversal announced that they would creating a state-of-the-art technology center in New Jersey. It will be the new home to the core of the company's technology department as well as the new Media Labs operation.

According to the press release, this will be a $17 million investment in a 63,000 square foot location that will serve as a complement to the already announced investment in the IT infrastructure of its New York operations.

"The NBCUniversal Technology Center is the perfect home for our technology team," commented John Wallace, President, Operations and Technical Services, NBCUniversal. "It's been designed to foster real creativity and collaboration, and we think it will quickly become a key center for innovation at NBCUniversal."

The new facility will be outfitted with the latest collaboration technologies to facilitate co-creation amongst all of the organization's offices around the world. There will also be a "technology Show Lab" that will be fully equipped with the latest mobile, virtualization, big data platforms and industry-leading emerging technologies. The goal is to create an area where employees, start-ups and industry technology partners can find a rich environment to foster innovations in the content ecosystem.

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