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Managed service providers bolster SMB viability

Managed IT support allows companies with limited resources to compete with larger enterprises.

Managed IT support allows companies with limited resources to compete with larger enterprises.

TechRepublic recently released a whitepaper titled "Relinquishing the Reins: Reaping the Benefits of Empowering Your IT Team." Many of the topics discussed by the authors concentrate on trusting staff members with higher levels of autonomy.

For enterprises that have fully-staffed IT departments and a wealth of assets, knowing how to prioritize, delegate and use them to the fullest is critical.

"Mainly our on-time and on-budget rates are so high because we make sure that we prioritize," writes Bob Dunmire, VP of technology at Global Contact Services and one of the authors. "If you don't manage up and make sure that your bosses are prioritizing properly you will fall into a trap.
But, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) often struggle to achieve the same end results because they lack the resources. Here, managing priorities becomes a whole new beast.

In an SMB environment where one individual has the responsibilities of multiple positions within a company, how can they be expected to manage and optimize the potential of innovative technology solutions?

Earlier this year, Nine Lives Media released the MSPmentor 200 North America Edition. This list is a first of its kind, identifying the most accomplished and respected managed service providers (MSPs) on the continent. Those companies honored with a place on the list – including TEKConn – make it possible for SMBs to make it big.

Entrepreneurs eventually come to a crossroads, where IT decisions are paramount to a company's ability to forge ahead. Managed IT support is one avenue that allows these businesses the opportunity to get the most out of IT assets and remain competitive with the big dogs on the block.

Recognizing limitations is not the same as admitting weakness or defeat. In fact, it is the exact opposite. By acknowledging areas where one needs help and then seeking out the right partnerships, they can ensure that there are no weak links in the company chain. That's what managed IT support is for.