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Engine founder talks smart tech policy

The internet and technology companies provide the fuel for continued innovation in America.

The internet and technology companies provide the fuel for continued innovation in America.

Everyone from economists to politicians to the "man on the street" has an opinion about how to bolster the American economy. Today is election day and they have the opportunity to cast their votes and make their voices heard.

In a recent interview with VentureBeat, advocacy organization Engine's founder Michael McGeary offered his two cents. According to him, the best way to create jobs and give the economy the shot in the arm that it needs is to invest in smart tech policies.

McGeary and his organization were strong opponents of SOPA, the proposed anti-piracy legislation that was shot down earlier this year amid a technology industry uproar. As he explains it, a free and open internet is the cornerstone for innovation in today's world. Technology companies create a foundation for other entrepreneurs to build on.

McGeary cites Facebook and Google as such entities, where anyone can design a game-changing application or add-on that spawns a whole new industry and creates a plethora of new jobs.

Specifically, New York City holds a wealth of potential for technology innovation that can strengthen our national economy.

"What New York has is that it's not just the startup community. It's a big city, so there are tons of people here that do other things," McGeary said. "San Francisco is great at channeling startup energy, but it doesn't plug as well into things like the financial services community and fashion world. When communities intermingle, it fuels even better startup growth because you just get better ideas flowing. New York is on par with San Francisco – they're the big boys in the clubhouse."

For startups in New York and other tech hubs, government policies that encourage innovation are essential. Managed IT support providers can handle the day-to-day IT assets for these companies while keeping their ear to the policy grindstone and making sure that legislative news never catches them by surprise.

This leaves the door open for forward-thinkers to do what they do best – innovate.