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The whirlwind of technology and how it affects SMBs

With new technology solutions being released every day, SMBs can find themselves struggling to keep up.

With new technology solutions being released every day, SMBs can find themselves struggling to keep up.

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) everywhere are struggling to keep up with the latest technology news and what it means for their industries. With Apple's press event today showcasing the long-rumored iPad Mini, the launch of Microsoft's Windows RT Surface tablet and Windows 8 operating system on Friday and another announcement coming from Google next week, there's a lot of information to process.

Decision-makers are inundated with press releases and promotional materials, product previews and reviews, etc. They've got to ask themselves if one solution is better-suited for their purposes than another and if any of the new options warrant an upgrade from their current systems.

Oftentimes, these are not black and white issues. They can be rife with gray areas. This operating system can help us here, but that OS has all these other features that could prove beneficial.

There is so much information to take in, options to weigh against one another and items to prioritize. Product release schedules can also factor into business technology decisions.

Companies today face enough challenges with an economy struggling to recover and competition growing. In many cases, they aren't able to staff full IT departments to monitor all of these issues, analyze each option and make informed decisions that will move organizations toward their short and long-term goals.

SMB IT support can help these companies determine whether Apple, Microsoft or Google offerings will work best for them. With a seemingly non-stop whirlwind of press events, announcements and product launches, no one wants to jump on the wrong solution and then flush money down the toilet while watching the rest of the industry pass them by.

Successful businesses realize that IT is not just about keeping the computers and wireless networks running. It's about keeping a thumb on the pulse of the technology sector and understanding the implications for the company. It's about sifting through every detail – large and small – and having the foresight to plan not just for tomorrow, but for next year and the year after that and the one after that.