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How to make downtime a thing of the past

IT service providers offer the redundancy needed to stave off downtime.

IT service providers offer the redundancy needed to stave off downtime.

For many New York businesses, the memory of Hurricane Sandy lingers all too fresh in their minds. When that storm hit the shore, it wreaked havoc up and down the eastern seaboard. Power outages, flooding, facility damage – the list of problems brought on by that hurricane go on and on. Even businesses that didn't experience the absolute worst of it had to contend with downtime, and that alone can keep department heads and organizational leaders up at night.

Downtime is disruptive, expensive and, potentially worst of all, uncertain. Without a strong support system place, there's no way of knowing when critical assets will come back online, leaving affected businesses in the dark – often literally. By working with the very best New York IT service providers, however, you can make downtime a thing of the past.

Downtime costs run high

Whenever downtime occurs, your business operations grind to a halt. Whether your network is down or critical applications are unavailable, downtime can refer to any incident that prevents you from completing necessary day-to-day responsibilities. Such disruptive events come with hefty price tags: According to the Aberdeen Group, unplanned downtime can cost as much as $8,600 per hour for SMBs. Without intervention, you can expect to sacrifice $100,000 every single year, on average, to lost productivity and operability stemming from downtime.

For many organizations, such calamitous events are difficult to fully recover from. In fact, the Federal Emergency Management Agency estimates that 40 percent of all SMBs hit by a natural disaster never reopen.

Even for businesses that can weather the storm just enough to avoid such dismal fates, the high cost of downtime is a bitter pill to swallow.

Disastrous events like Hurricane Sandy can take down businesses in an instant.
Disastrous events like Hurricane Sandy can take down businesses in an instant.

Maximize uptime with NYC IT services

To safeguard yourself against harmful downtime events, you need a healthy dose of operational redundancy. Businesses that get hit hardest by such incidents are most often ones that consolidate all of their assets into a single location. If all of your servers, hard drives, data backups and network components are housed on-site in one facility, you will always be at risk for downtime. All it takes is one localized event to knock the whole setup offline.

"You need a healthy dose of operational redundancy."

That's where NYC disaster recovery solutions come into play. Instead of placing your entire IT environment in a single location, build in some much-needed redundancy by partnering with an IT service provider. Managed service providers can back up your files, applications and other mission-critical assets at an off-site location and in the cloud, so whenever disaster strikes, you always have a plan B to fall back on.

Moreover, MSPs can provide geographical redundancy so you can rest easy knowing that your service provider isn't affected by the same disruptions that hit your business. Creating that redundancy is a core pillar of robust disaster recovery and business continuity practices. Anything less, and your service provider could be as susceptible as your organization to downtime.

The high cost of downtime is not something to be taken lightly. To protect yourself against disruptive forces and ensure your business continues operating without delay at all times, work with the very best service providers in New York. No one offers better uptime solutions than TEKConn. Contact our expert staff today to find out how we can help make downtime nothing more than a distant memory.