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The importance of updating software [Video]

It may seem like updating software isn’t necessary, especially if you are happy with the current functionality – not to mention, who has the time to go through the entire process of downloading and installing it? But the truth is, installing the recommended updates from the software designer is essential to maintaining long term efficiency and productivity. Here are the top reasons you should be updating your software regularly:

Patching bugs
First, updated software often patches bugs the developers may have only realized recently.  Even a piece of software that has been carefully crafted and vetted by programmers may have hidden issues built into it, issues that may only come out when the software is forced to work with newer hardware or apps. Even if you don’t notice any bugs, they may emerge over time, so a patch can help avoid more serious issues.

New features
Developers often include new features in updates. You may find the software you downloaded years ago now can do things you never thought possible. Maybe that photo editing software has expanded functionality to include videos or more easily designed slide shows? You never know unless you download!

Legal disclosures
Software updates typically come bundled with updated user agreements and legal disclosures. So why should you, as the user, care about the fine print? Because an updated user agreement may include new wording or a revised take on privacy features you can choose to opt in or out of. It is always important to thoroughly review any updated user agreements. 

If anything goes wrong with your software, a warranty would give you access to technical support and troubleshooting help. However, if your software isn’t kept updated, this may void the warranty. Even without a warranty, out of date software may mean that technical support doesn’t have the know-how to assist you if something happens.

Malware and other threats
Finally, with the rise in hacks and malware infections, software updates are a crucial way to distribute security patches that could save you from an attack. Antivirus software provider McAfee reports that 100,000 new malware samples are uncovered every day. Viruses are always evolving and mutating to get around existing security features, and your only hope of defending your systems is to keep your software updated.

Hate going through the process of downloading and installing new software? See if there is an option to have your software automatically update. 

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