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Mozilla looking to bring Firefox back with new features [Video]

Having fallen by the wayside due to the growth of rival browsers, Mozilla is hoping the new functionality of their Firefox web browser will attract some of the users it lost. With the launch of its new Electrolysis program, the company is saying Firefox users can now look forward to faster scrolling, loading and general web surfing functionality.

“This is going to be a major improvement to the smoothness of the browser interface, especially when heavy web pages are loading,” Asa Dotzler, Mozilla’s product manager for Firefox’s roadmap and community, told CNET. “People really appreciate the snappiness of Chrome, Edge and Opera. Firefox is going to gain a bunch of that snappiness with Electrolysis.”

This faster operation is due to Electrolysis separating computing processes more efficiently, allowing the distinct actions of clicking and page loading to happen in tandem rather than one at a time. The company started by offering half of its existing user base access to the Electrolysis-enabled version of the browser. This test was reportedly a success, so officials are saying they are hard at work enabling the new browser for the rest of their user base.

“At some point, probably toward the middle of next year, multiprocess Firefox will be the default,” Dotzler said.

Mozilla, however, is reportedly still struggling with incompatible add-ons with the new browser. These add-ons have been a favorite of many Firefox users, and without the ability to customize their web experience, it may be a tough sell to the broader public. 

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