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Google Docs rolls out automatic outline feature [Video]

Google has made it even easier to organize your document workflow. The company just rolled out an automatic outline feature for its popular Google Docs application, designed to mimic the popular feature of Microsoft Word.

The application will now scan your document for headers and organic breaks and create a sidebar Document Outline that displays on the left side of the page. From there, simply click and your view will scroll to the appropriate section of the document. This also includes when documents are viewed on mobile devices allowing the user to scan through even more quickly.

“I found that the outline feature recognized bold text and all caps, and both the title and the four heading options in Google Docs,” writes Matt Elliot of CNET. “If you have a line in your document with any of these formatting options, then that text will show up in the document outline.”

Even better, the Document Outline is as editable as the document itself. Simply rename or remove the entries you don’t want. The outline feature updates itself in real time and also reportedly does not mistake in-text bolded phrases for headings. This is particularly useful when making documents designed to be covered to PDF: Adobe uses Header tags found in the outlines to create help navigate. 

If the feature does not activate immediately, users can enable it by clicking Tools > Document outline. Android devices offer full Document Outline functionality with the Google Docs app, but the tool has not yet been integrated with Apple’s iOS. 

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