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Advice for leading a digital transformation [VIDEO]

Nearly every enterprise in the United States is seeing major influence from big data, whether leveraging it themselves or being affected by partners and vendors utilizing it. According to Forbes, this trend is driving IT investments and assisting with growth in the nation’s economy as well. Such an influential game-changer needs to be better understood, and for many firms this means undertaking a digital transformation.

A digital transformation is a “mindset,” says Isaac Sacolick, recently appointed Global CIO and Managing Director of Greenwich Associates.

“Digital transformation is not just about technology and its implementation,” Sacolick told Forbes. “It’s about looking at the business strategy through the lens of technical capabilities and how that changes how you are operating and generating revenues.”

Whether focusing on a specific project or overall business growth, companies have to consider digital transformation as the cornerstone of how data influences these changes. This means optimizing data collection, analysis and management toward a focus on the “big picture.” While this outcome will vary from company to company, the process remains much the same.

By defining the process and initiating a change in the technology used, businesses can reimagine their data-based operations and focus on growth from the starting point. Improving how data is used will having a ripple effect across operations and influence how firms approach any other process connected with their data, ultimately resulting in a major overhaul in workflow and efficiency without any disruptive changes actually taking place, in most cases.

However, in order to ensure digital transformation goes smoothly, companies need to invest in the IT support to ensure stability across all changes. Hiring IT consulting in New York City will ensure the appropriate steps are taken at the right time.