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6 years on, TEKConn’s MSP 501 streak is alive and well

IT consulting and managed services can help cash-strapped businesses meet their 2018 goals.

IT consulting and managed services can help cash-strapped businesses meet their 2018 goals.

There's arguably no greater honor than receiving the recognition of your peers. To continually be singled out for achievement by your industry year after year, though – that's an accomplishment on a whole other level. That's what makes TEKConn's inclusion in this year's edition of Penton Technology's MSP 501 so special. This marks the sixth straight year that TEKConn has been selected as one of the best managed service providers in North America, highlighting our ongoing commitment to delivering the best IT consulting and managed services in New York's tri-state area.

What it means to be part of MSP 501

When clients see that TEKConn has repeatedly been recognized by the MSP 501, they know they are working with one of the best IT managed service providers to be found anywhere. Our breadth of services are second to none, including IT cloud solutions, disaster recovery, managed IT deployments and consulting. TEKConn has a track record of success in various industries, bringing transformative IT solutions to clients in health care, financial services and other fields.

"TEKConn provides the right services at the right price."

Above all else, making the MSP 501 six years in a row speaks to our continued commitment to our clientele. TEKConn strives to provide the right services for the right job, at the right price. With IT budgets in flux, that's a differentiator you can't ignore.

IT budgeting challenges continue to loom large

It's that time of year where everyone from CIOs at large corporate enterprises to one-man IT departments needs to start thinking about their IT budgets for 2018. It can be stressful, to say the least. There are a lot of tough choices to make, and many organizations won't be able to cover every ambitious project or new initiative they have their eyes on.

Part of the issue is IT budgets haven't really grown much – if at all – in recent years. Gartner's initial 2017 forecast predicted a slight uptick in IT budgeting, but not much. Meanwhile, Spiceworks' analysis concluded that budgets would stagnate this year. The moral of the story is businesses need to make do with their available funds and try to get the most out of them without compromising IT performance or goals.

That is where managed services and IT consulting can help.

IT budgets remain flat for 2017.
IT budgets remain flat for 2017.

Bridging the IT budget gap

The immediate reaction to this situation might be to start cutting out seemingly non-essential projects, but that raises a lot of concerns and potentially introduces risks to operability and performance. As Health IT & CIO Review found, if you ask 30 different CIOs what to cut from an IT budget, you'll likely get 30 different answers. You may even consider cutting back on services that don't appear mission critical – that is, until you actually need them. Scaling back on disaster recovery, for instance, may sound prudent since it's not adding tangible value to day-to-day business operations. If something happens requiring DR solutions, however, you will undoubtedly regret that short-sighted decision.

IT managed services and consulting can help bridge the gap between your aspirations and your budget. With an MSP, businesses receive enterprise-quality IT solutions without breaking the bank on personnel, infrastructure and maintenance. Consulting services allow organizations to tap into decades of IT experience that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive to obtain through the workforce. Combined together managed services and IT consulting are easy, cost-effective solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems.

As our six years in the MSP 501 can attest to, TEKConn provides the best IT consulting NYC has to offer. Contact our team of experts to find out how we can make your 2018 IT goals a reality.