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How to hire the right healthcare administrative staff [Video]

Across all industries, the people who make up their organizations are responsible for its success or failure. In the healthcare industry, daily decisions made by employees could be the difference between a patient living or dying.

From top to bottom, all employees at medical facilities need to be a high-quality ones. It’s been said that medical offices are only as strong as their administrative staff. If you’re an individual who has input in the hiring process, make sure you hire the right individuals for healthcare administration positions.

Make a cheat sheet to remember the interview
It can be tricky to remember specific details you learn about every candidate you interview throughout the hiring process. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the seemingly endless amount of information obtained about a candidate’s past, keep notes as you conduct interviews. That way, after you’ve interviewed each candidate, you’ll be able to look back on what you thought about each of them. 

If you want to take it a step further, create a scorecard for each candidate. Choose a few criteria that you value, and fill in scores for each category for each candidate. At the conclusion of the interview process, you’ll have scorecards to compare candidates.

Choose individuals who have experience working with your systems
In recent years, healthcare administration has undergone widespread changes in the technologies used on a daily basis. If, for example, your practice or facility uses electronic health records on a regular basis, your search for candidates should probably be narrowed to include only those who have worked with the software before. Unless you’re interested in hiring a candidate just out of school, you’d be better off hiring an individual with experience on your technology platforms.