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Don’t Get Caught with Your Battery Down


We’ve all been there. You’re away from home, or the office, and your laptop, mobile device, or tablet runs out of juice. It’s like being stranded in your car that just ran out of gas on the highway. You may have heard something about external battery chargers, which can revolutionize the way you travel in terms of your device uptime and connectivity to the outside world. For our employees in the New York City IT consulting space, it’s a very useful tool.

You can prevent your devices from losing power by plugging them into an external battery pack, a single unit that can charge any device you plug into it. A battery pack for your gadget’s battery. You no longer have to worry about being cut off from the world while you travel. There are many options on the market these days; you can read more here for details on the various products.

We run into many used by clients while providing our IT support services. Some popular models include:

Anker Astro
Anker produces three solid external battery packs in its line, the 3E, 4E and Pro. All three devices are known mainly for the powerful charges they furnish. The Astro line’s small sizes and even smaller prices are appealing as well.

New Trent
New Trent is best known for its iCarrier and iGeek external battery packs. Similar to the Astro, these packs pack powerful charges. They come with indicators lights that tell users how much power their external battery packs still hold. You’ll never be disappointed by a dead charger.

Energizer XP
It is little surprise that a brand name battery company would get into this space. Its XP series of external battery packs ranks high. These units come with a wide selection of inputs and cables that enable you to charge almost any device available, including older models.

Utilizing an external battery pack should help keep you connected and productive, just as our staff is when delivering our IT services while on the road.