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How the cloud eliminates everyday headaches

Cloud services could address many of the headaches SMBs experience on a regular basis.

Cloud services could address many of the headaches SMBs experience on a regular basis.

If you haven't already embraced the cloud, now's the time to finally make the leap. With 2018 IT budgets being discussed or even finalized, be sure to include cloud services in your plans for next year. The cloud isn't another mere tech fad – it's a major asset that can help eliminate some of the headaches that plague small and medium-sized businesses on a daily basis.

Cloud paves the way for digital transformation

Cloud adoption among SMBs reached an all-time high this year and shows no signs of slowing down. According to a January 2017 Techaisle report, 86 percent of U.S.-based SMBs used Software-as-a-Service solutions in some capacity. By the end of the year, that figure is expected to reach 96 percent. Clearly, if you haven't given the cloud a chance yet, your business is running the risk of falling behind the competition.

There is also evidence that SMBs mostly appreciate that they need to embrace more advanced technology solutions in order to stay relevant and keep up with evolving market demands. A 2017 SMB Group study found that 72 percent of SMB decision-makers understood that they could improve their business operations by incorporating cutting-edge technology. However, these organizations are unlikely to have the internal IT support to make such solutions viable – but that's where the cloud comes in.

By leveraging cloud-based tools, SMBs can offload certain arduous responsibilities onto their service provider. For organizations that frequently run into problems because their lone, part-time IT employee is overburdened and doesn't have time to tackle every issue at once, this should be great news. Putting less pressure on internal resources not only frees up time for them to address other tasks, but improves the quality of your IT processes by having an experienced service provider handle it instead of a stressed-out employee.

SMB cloud services can take some of the stress off of your IT guys.
SMB cloud services can take some of the stress off of your IT guys.

Avoid costly downtime

Even a few minutes of downtime can be an expensive proposition for SMBs. While the costs of SMB downtime don't come near the high price tag larger businesses must cope with – more than $100,000 per hour, according to Information Technology Intelligence Consulting – they are still significant.

The price of downtime can come in the form of lost sales opportunities and employee productivity, as well as business reputation. A single downtime event could color customers' impression of your business, hurting your operations even more down the line.

"A few minutes of downtime can be expensive for SMBs."

SMB cloud services can help organizations curb the effects of downtime by providing redundancy and reliability that simply cannot be achieved on your own. With the right service provider, concerns like power outages, server failure and internet outages all become things of the past. That gives you peace of mind knowing that regardless of what happens, you will always have access to your most critical assets, data and applications.

In fact, SMB cloud services can alleviate many of the everyday headaches associated with IT infrastructure management. Maintaining on-site equipment can be a difficult task for small IT teams, and updating outdated hardware can hit your bottom line pretty hard. Instead of shelling out money toward your IT infrastructure, offload those concerns onto a cloud service provider. You'll get the best performance possible at a fraction of the cost.

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