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Don’t sleep on the cloud when planning your 2018 budget

With the cloud, your remote workers are never too far away.

With the cloud, your remote workers are never too far away.

The leaves are changing colors, cable networks are rotating spooky movie marathons into their schedules and kids across America are getting amped up for Halloween – which means it's that time of year for small and medium-sized businesses to scramble to put together their next annual budget.

No doubt IT leaders have pushed for more cloud solutions to be included in their 2018 budget, but those pleas may have fallen on deaf ears. As it goes for many tech-based endeavors, the cloud can be viewed as an IT investment, not providing much tangible value to the business side of operations. To win over key decision-makers and get the kind of organizational support needed to make the cloud more pervasive, supporters must focus on the business-boosting benefits of this technology.

"Focus on the business-boosting benefits of the cloud."

Increase employee satisfaction

Enterprises may view their employees as easily interchangeable and replaceable cogs in a much bigger machine, but SMBs don't have that luxury. Your staff members are the lifeblood of your company, and as we all know, a happy employee is a productive employee.

IT cloud solutions can help businesses drive employee satisfaction levels by facilitating more flexible working arrangements. Telecommuting is becoming less of an oddity in the business community and more the status quo. According to a 2017 Gallup study, 51 percent of the American workforce would switch jobs to enjoy flexible work schedules like the option to work from home certain days of the week.

The cloud provides the foundation needed to support a partially or fully remote workforce, enabling team members to access business-critical apps and tools wherever they may be located. This flexibility opens up opportunities to deploy a more diverse staff, including on-site full-time employees, remote workers and part-time or freelance staff members to fill any remaining gaps.

The added benefit is that it makes your organization more desirable to potential new hires. Having an established telecommuting policy in place will be a major advantage when recruiting in the job market.

Cloud-based solutions cultivate collaboration between disparate teams.
Cloud-based solutions cultivate collaboration between disparate teams.

Cultivate collaboration across the board

One of the biggest roadblocks to more flexible working conditions involves communication and collaboration. Department heads worry that a remote employee will be unavailable at key moments and won't be able to effectively collaborate with other staff members on important projects. It's not an unfounded concern. Without the right support, remote employees will be left essentially operating on their own little island, cut off from the rest of the organization.

Again, IT cloud solutions can help bridge the gap between your remote workforce and your in-house office team. Whether you're using CRM apps like Salesforce or proprietary software, cloud-based tools enable disparate teams to work together without skipping a beat.

IT cloud solutions facilitate collaboration by ensuring that individual employees have access to critical business apps whenever they are needed. Important documents and data can be easily uploaded and shared with relevant stakeholders and keep everyone involved in the loop on the latest developments. The cloud effectively breaks down the barriers separating remote and on-site staff, creating a more cohesive working environment.

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