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Developing mobile apps in the cloud

Developing and testing apps in the cloud allows companies to account for multiple "technology environments."

Developing and testing apps in the cloud allows companies to account for multiple "technology environments."


No matter where one turns these days, there is a discussion about cloud computing and how it should or should not be used in business settings. While there are countless scenarios where the cloud has proven to be advantageous to small and midsize businesses, there is one in particular that resonates with many entrepreneurs.

Mobile application development is a booming industry right now – so much so that companies everywhere are trying to build apps related in some way to their business. Whether it's retail stores or restaurants, delivery services or advocacy groups, there's an app for just about everything.

But, what really goes into building something that mobile users are going to want to download? A recent article at popular blog TechRepublic discusses how the cloud drastically improves the ease of developing high quality applications through simulating use under varying circumstances.

"By creating virtual machine images [in the cloud] that simulate the final production environment, any developer can quickly spin up a test machine, deploy their projects to them, and run 'live' tests on a separate environment, without having to rely on running virtual machines on their own PC, or even on the corporate data center," according to the article.

Using the cloud to develop and fine-tune mobile applications allows small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with limited IT resources to launch products and get them into the hands of customers sooner. Also, by testing apps under various virtual environments, the amount of annoying bugs that can ruin user experiences and the subsequent patches they require will be greatly reduced.

Outsourced server management in the cloud, if approached properly, can prove to be an invaluable tool for startup SMBs looking to save time and money while boosting productivity.