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3 reason to embrace cloud IT solutions right now

SMBs can benefit from the cloud in many ways.

SMBs can benefit from the cloud in many ways.

Have you embraced the cloud? If not, now's the time to think about investing in hosted IT solutions to improve your business and help your bottom line. Even organizations that have dabbled in the cloud and have certain applications and workloads to a hosted environment stand to benefit immensely from expanding their use of cloud-based solutions. If you're still on the fence about the cloud or need more convincing to build out your existing strategy, consider these three reasons why you should be deploying more hosted IT solutions:

1. Reduced costs

For a lot of small and medium-sized businesses, the prospect of any new tech investment can seem like just another hit to the budget. The cloud, however, can drastically reduce your day-to-day operating expenses as well as the cost of expensive hardware and software. Running and maintaining your own servers, for instance, can run up costs pretty quickly. From the initial investment of equipment to the ongoing expenses of having staff monitor those assets, optimize their performance and fix things as needed, that can eat up a big chunk of your budget just to keep the lights on.

"The cloud can drastically reduce day-to-day operating expenses."

On the other, cloud solutions remove those burdens, with your service provider taking on the responsibility of maintaining servers and purchasing best-in-class hardware. As Entrepreneur contributor Andre Lavoie noted, the cost-savings benefits of the cloud are immense.

"As a result [of cloud computing], small businesses will see a decrease in rack space, power usage, IT requirements, etc.," he wrote. "That means lower installation, maintenance, hardware, upgrade and support costs. For small businesses, especially, those savings are invaluable."

That's one less expensive headache to deal with as an SMB stakeholder. Speaking of which …

2. Eliminate day-to-day hassles

Keeping your IT system in working order is no easy task. For many SMBs, this responsibility falls to one, maybe two people. In some cases, those individuals aren't even IT staff, but office managers who have to pick up the slack and oversee equipment as best they can.

Patching systems and keeping critical assets up to date is essential for reliable performance and uptime. It's easy for such jobs to fall through the cracks as other issues command the attention of nominal IT staff members. IT cloud solutions take on the responsibility of ensuring important platforms and networks stay online and in perfect working order. Furthermore, service providers employ far more experienced personnel to handle system maintenance and upkeep than the average SMB can afford. The cloud offers a way to get enterprise-quality IT support at a fraction of the cost.

SMB IT staff have a lot on their plate, and it's easy for upkeep tasks to fall through the cracks.
SMB IT staff have a lot on their plate, and it's easy for upkeep tasks to fall through the cracks.

3. Minimize downtime

On most days, your IT infrastructure is the beating heart of your business. But on some days, it's your biggest liability. When servers go down, networks are unresponsive and your critical applications are either unavailable or performing poorly, that is a recipe for disaster. Productivity will plummet as employees wait for systems to get back online and they can once again access the tools they need to do their jobs.

IT cloud solutions provide a reliable alternative to on-premises systems. Service providers can ensure that their clients enjoy the best possible level of uptime, and offer service-level agreements to compensate customers in the unlikely event they miss the mark. Furthermore, the redundancy provided by the cloud and disaster recovery tools protect SMBs from long-term downtime that could threaten their very existence.

These are just three reasons to consider embracing the cloud, but there are plenty more factors to consider. To learn about the best IT services NYC has to offer, contact TEKConn today.