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IT support services like TEKConn can help businesses expand.

Answering some FAQs of potential TEKConn clients

To help businesses more easily make their way through the technology landscape, we recently sat down with Chris Zawacki, TEKConn’s vice president of business development, to get a better idea as to why your businesses should consider a partnership with a managed IT consulting firm. Read More »

Data breaches in the health care field to become a major problem in the new year.

Health care data breaches on the rise

Recently, Experian released the “2014 Data Breach Industry Forecast” that examined the health care marketplace and how information security is becoming a more complicated process. Read More »

Cloud disaster recovery.

Cloud a larger piece of disaster recovery [VIDEO]

As the latest band of winter weather makes its way through the country, the need for a disaster recovery system is once again front and center. In many instances, this means using cloud computing to back up data and provide more effective remote access. Read More »