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Mobile data systems are now being used by law enforcement officials to curb gang violence and associated illegal activities.

Data is only helpful if you have access to it

In an effort to stem the tide of rising gang violence and other illegal activities in California, law enforcement and local government officials devised a strategy to prevent crimes before they are committed. Read More »

Banks and other financial institutions may be at increased risk thanks to a recently uncovered trojan virus.

Financial industry targeted by another trojan virus

The simple things in life can often provide the most enjoyment – or the biggest headaches. According to a Symantec blog post, a recently uncovered simple trojan virus may be a precursor to a much more nefarious act. Read More »

Rumors persist that Google and Motorola are working on a competitor to the iPhone, currently being referred to as the X Phone.

Could an ‘X Phone’ dethrone the iPhone?

How do you beat the iPhone in the consumer and business markets? Come up with a cooler name, like the “X Phone.” At least, that’s what an article in The Wall Street Journal earlier today said Google and Motorola are planning. Read More »